Friday, January 13, 2012

Jughead Too?

I'm so dizzy 
my head is spinning
Like a whirlpool 
it never ends...

has been looping in the busy Betsy brain for the past few mornings. As soon as my eyes open, I've been greeted by The Archies? 

Jughead too?

After years of musical mind, I'm more curious about the tunes that show up, enjoying the obvious messages they're trying to send me. And then seeing what, if anything, 

I want to do to change my tune.

In the spin of post-holidays/New Year beginnings, I've lost track of my quiet self. Thanks to a flexible work schedule, I'm taking this morning to curl up with Owen, our orange cat, upstairs on Claire's bed. 

Sounds of the turtle tank gurgling, 
wind whipping around outside. 

Chewy and I walked down the street under the gun-metal sky, tiny flurries swirling. A fat hawk sat on a branch right by the road but I scared it off with my talking out loud to myself. A crow, riding out the wind, cawed. Called? It felt like a call to wake up to the moment as The Archies tried desperately to stay in the loop.

I'm so dizzy  but the wind and trees bending, birds tucked above me swaying, my feet walking, one two one two just walk the dog just walk the dog come back to right here come back to right here made the needle skip and the record stopped. can I get an amen?!

And now this quiet moment with the cat and Washington's turtle tank trickling water and Chewy checking out the downstairs, jingle jingle of his collar. 

For the first year and change of This Being Alive, I never missed a day. Now I find that I need to let go of that self-imposed deadline, and show up when I can. The desire is to be here more often than not, but I want and need to create more balance and ease in my life; work, home, writing, resting, mothering, marriage, not necessarily in that order.

I still haven't found Dad's Important Papers which is another sign, like the crow's caw, to slow down and work from my center because

dizzy and spinning sucks.

So, here I am on this Friday ramble, 

wondering how you are... 

What things are on your mind and heart...

May you find some space 
to take a quiet moment 
and be with yourself. 

pause now
listen to your own breathing
in out in out

peace and blessings to you 
and your families 
and this sweet, beautiful, old earth.


photo of snowy frog prince from Oct. 29, 2011. No snow since. 

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  1. Hope that dizzy spinning settles down soon Bets! I'm glad that you're easing up, demanding less from your creative well, giving more time to other parts of your life... we're here listening when you feel ready to speak again :)