Friday, January 20, 2012

Until The Sun Moved

When the 3 hour work meeting got cancelled due to potential weather issues, there is a God there is a God, I staked out a spot on the window seat with the following items...

cup of tea

and stayed until the sun moved. all morning

After a bowl of oatmeal
another cup of tea
and a brisk walk with Chewy,

I landed here, in Claire's cozy room... 

to curl up with Owen, our orange cat 
and Steve, the big bear.

I brought to the daytime chill-fest
my pillow
and a folder full of writing dating back to 2005.

A Chinese proverb from an old Zen Calendar fell out of the folder:

To be uncertain is to be uncomfortable,
but to be certain is to be ridiculous.

I am definitely NOT ridiculous

And this, from the writer, Erica Jong:

How To Save Your Own Life

* Renounce useless guilt
* Don't make a cult of suffering
*Live in the now (or at least the soon)
*Always do the things you fear the most; courage is an acquired   taste, like caviar
* Trust all joy
*If the evil eye fixes you in its gaze, look elsewhere
* Get ready to be eighty-seven

Renounce useless guilt + trust all joy 

are 2 of my favorite mumblings. 

Practicing the one increases the other.

                      guilt is not > joy 

There are mucho projects I could be tackling right now. But they're not going anywhere. Today, I wrote myself a permission slip to 

chill with Owen and Steve the big bear   

and the dog barking  Must be Ellen, our mail carrier/person

and not feel bad about it, darnit!

ah ha! staring out the window is good for your mental health

Friday mantra:

renounce useless guilt/ trust all joy 

repeat often 

xo b


  1. Love it. New motto for 2012.

  2. Keep muttering, mumbling, chanting...

    renounce useless guilt/trust all joy
    renounce useless guilt/trust all joy

    xo b