Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's Not That Complicated

This is really not very complicated. Simply stop making excuses and look at your life. Decide if it is what you want - and change it, if it is not.
- Chandra Alexander
I'm loving "my Chandra" on this Ground Hog Day. She has a way of cutting right through the morning fog when I wake to mumbling about paper piles on the kitchen counter, how I want to live by the ocean but how can that possibly happen, and the middle-aged loop of...did I miss the boat, did I miss the boat, I think I missed the damn boat accompanied by there's not enough time, not enough time to do, see, go, make the film, learn Spanish, to to to...
what boat? 

I get it, Chandra. 
It's not complicated. 
Stop making excuses.

Change doesn't happen in one fell swoop, as Mom would say. Change happens by taking daily baby steps. most of the time...

Sometimes it hits you like a 2 x 4 and you're in change mode, whether you asked for it consciously or not. 

But back to baby steps.
Baby steps are good. 
They add up. 
Next thing you know, 
you're running across the room. 

Or skipping through a field in France. 

Baby steps move you forward. thanks Katie
Then you can LEAP like a gazelle? or Chewy, the big-eared dog?

note to self: it's not that complicated.


  1. Yep, it's just life. Remember how we did it as kids? So full of faith that we'd find our bliss around every corner. Make like Chewy and LEAP!!

  2. Just looking at him LEAP gives me a good feeling. Here's to being more kid-like, blissing around outside, un-complicated play-life...

    Thanks for stopping by...xo b