Sunday, February 12, 2012

La Vie N'est Pas Triste

My Spanish Daily Calendar read:

 Me iria bien un poco de ejercicio

I could use some exercise  (always)

which is a bit more upbeat than

Eso no te pega

That doesn't suit you

So, we took to the river and veered off the path 
to tromp through a corn field...

This was very fun. 
More fun than I thought it would be.

The wind was sharp.
I ran, pretending I was a slalom skier,
hopping between broken rows of corn. 
This was very fun since I have never slalomed, only in a corn field.
Michael pulled his hat over his ears. and hopped too.
Chewy chased his green tennis ball.

Claire pushed into the wind, 
with Mom's Teach Yourself French book, 
tucked under her arm.

La vie n'est pas triste.

We left the field and stumbled upon a sorta path along the water, climbing over and under fallen trees.

A flock of silver-white birds flashed up above the trees.

La vie n'est pas triste.

Life is not sad.

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