Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Decks Are Clear

I called Dad to say hello.
"So, what happened with the eye doctor, Dad?"
"You know, Bets, the mind...well, it's a funny thing. I can't seem to pull that up at the moment."
"That's okay, Dad."

Note to self: stop asking Dad about appointments.

I spin off about the dream I had 

with my grandparents, 

"You're Mom and Dad," I said.

Ellsworth and Jean

How they've come back from the dead. 

Fully dressed in their Sunday best.

"Pop Pop was wearing a fedora and his bright white clerical collar, weeping tears of joy saying, It's a miracle, it's a miracle because grandma was back, I guess she was the one who had come back, Pop Pop and I were hugging her. The whole thing was in black and white. I threw my arms around both of them. Very dramatic."
"I guess it was a visit," I said.
"You know, some days I'm sitting and I think to myself, yes, mother father, both gone, the decks are cleared on that point," he said.

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