Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shout It Out With Feeling

Who knows what lies inside each gem of a person...

This is Elizabeth:

beautiful grandaughter/ first day on the planet. 

December 13, 2006

Tonight is her pre-school graduation.

Crazy, serious time-shifting.

I wanted to give her something that would be memorable, something that wouldn't get lost in a pile of stuff under her bed so I gifted her a plant from my garden, a lovely yellow flowering plant (don't know the name) that comes back every year and keeps spreading itself thicker each time.

It blooms all summer.

She'll like it. 

Every spring she helps me 
plant impatiens up my walkway.

All her life, she's been a worm farmer.

E is lively, loving, curious, very sensitive, occasionally difficult to her mother, but never for me, her Bean. For this, I am grateful.

Tender stuff. Yes?

In celebration of her "moving up day" I am passing along a new ditty she burst out with the other day. Perhaps you're still quietly saying, I dwell in the midst of infinite abundance, (shared a few posts back.) 

If so,

keep up the mumbling muttering praying. 
It's a goody.

But this one, 
if done with enthusiasm,                                            
shout it out with feeling!!!                                                            

Woo Hoo
Dinky Dinky
Don't get dressed!!

can [ and will ] get your chakras spinning.

woo hoo dinky dinky

Thanks for that one, E.

xo your bean.

ps. good to wear the suit to graduation 'cause you

never know when you might come upon 
a pond 
or lake
or trickling stream
or wide, blue ocean

and need to take a plunge ~

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