Thursday, May 10, 2012

No Es Grave.

The problem with these daily calendars that you get for Christmas is that you, or I, end up saving the pages rather than enjoying them for that day, then tossing. Maybe it's a New Yorker cartoon that I can't part with, or in this year's case, my daily calendar full of Spanish phrases that may be useful down the road.

No digas nada. = say nothing 

is an excellent mantra for me, especially while in conversation with my husband and the man really hasn't asked for my opinion. 

But I have so many good ideas, so much insight, so...

No digas nada.

or try Su cara me recuerda a alguien. =

You look familiar.
Lit.: Your face makes me think of someone

...when curiously gazing at your face in the mirror, not certain if it's really you. Somehow things have changed on the landscape since the day before and you're questioning the jar of cream that's supposed to help with all that stuff. 

Actually washing my face would be a good first step. 

at least splash some water on it before leaving the house!

At this point it helps to say, over and over

No es grave. = It's not serious. really.
because it's not.

Carry on,
brush teeth,
run fingers through hair, 
give yourself a seriously big-faced grin.

Blow a flurry of besos = kisses  

at your own friendly face, the one that makes you think of someone

and sail on into this fine day.


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