Saturday, May 5, 2012

Why Not Smile?

It's early.

Out in the yard with Chewy, the big-eared dog, the world was wide awake. Red cardinal singing his bird lungs out from the top of the maple tree.

A whole host of other birds 

flying, hopping, chirping.


I wanted to put a bird audio on here for you. Pulling out of my seven o'clock in the morning already head-banging mind, I stopped THINKING long enough to really listen to the birds. 


Right in my own backyard 
dog straining on leash to sniff lilies of the valley
my hair sticking up.

Birds don't give a shit about hair.

Thank you birds/

I am off to be with my students. 

They are wonderful people with their

own stories, wishes, dreams, longings.

It's a gift to be with them in their youthfulness especially after the other day, sitting with my neighbor, Arnold, ancient one. 

He is a dying man, 
face yellowing, 
but his eyes very very blue.                                         

Like the sky blue.

Normally being with him, a dying man, would've spun me out, made me recoil. But it was peaceful. Oddly. 

I held his hand, looked him in the eye, enjoyed his smile,

why is he smiling? he's dying, I thought.

Why not smile?

This is a Saturday ramble about 

birds and kids and dying and smiling

~ I miss you.

Peace be with you 
and your families 
and this sweet, beautiful, old earth.