Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Big Lopsided-Thing

What leaves you feeling bad, do less of. 
What leaves you feeling good, do more of.

- Martha Beck

Make a list.
Two columns.
Feeling Good/ Feeling Bad
Notice which list is longer.
See if there's a big lopsided-thing happening.
Tip the scales toward the feeling good things. 

see what happens.

drop me a note, i'll write back.

xo b

Photo: Flying Over Tupelo/ Rob Jackson


  1. Just this morning I realized that skipping my morning walk leaves me feeling old all day - stiff, achy, and groggy. So WALKING in my feeling good column.


  2. WALKING is definitely in my feeling good column too.
    Kinda fun to start paying attention to this stuff...


    Thanks so much for stopping by!!!