Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Day Off

I woke early after a night of busy dreaming involving 

[but not limited to]

bathrooms in trailer parks designed like museums, yoga on a woven contraption, moving from our house and trying to put all the contents into the back of my car while bringing all the stuff through a tunnel? 

No wonder I got up, made a cup of tea, 

my cure-all for everything, 

especially free-floating anxiety about tunnels 

morning sun 
pink blankie

grounding tools.

I'm thinking about you, dear reader. 

are you still asleep 
up with the kid
off to church
out for a run
walking the dog
counting your breaths

I'm thinking about this line I read somewhere, 
wondering if I could allow myself to try it on for size,
just for the hell of it, give Henny Penny the day off ~

The whole world 
is conspiring 
to shower you 
with blessings...

Breathe it in, see what happens.

xoxo b

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