Sunday, April 6, 2014

Just For Tomorrow

April 6. 2014

Let us dig in our gardens and not be elsewhere;
   Let us take long walks in the open air…
   Let us bathe in the rivers and lakes…
   Let us indulge in games…
   Let us be more simple: simple and true in
our gestures, in our words, and simple and true
in our minds above all.  Let us be ourselves.

-Robert Linssen

Just too pretty a day to get any writing done. 

We spent the day 

painting pots

planting seeds 
throwing the ball for Chewy 50 times easy
walking barefoot in the cool grass
making bead bracelets in the driveway

+ drinking a cold beer as the sun went down. 

It was a joyful day.

If you're reading this:

Drop your shoulders
give yourself a break

+ just for tomorrow,

one day at a time


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