Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Follow Your Weird

Claire said, "When I grow up I want to be myself."

What a fantastic career choice! When I was in 5th grade it was all about being a teacher, or accountant, or astronaut. You had to pick something, then become it. This is my wish for my daughter, Claire, as she begins a new school year in 5th grade. I wish this for Jesse and Elizabeth, & myself, and you...

Why wait? Be yourself now.

Don't pay no mind about what other people are doing, or saying...unless they're being mean to someone, then step in, speak up. Otherwise, trust yourself. Make your own way. Follow your own path.

Dad likes to say, follow your weird. (And trust me, he's done plenty of that.) But I know he's onto something. No matter how old we are, it seems we have a need to fit in. But where?

How about your own skin?

be yourself.


  1. When I was little, I think the word "weird" came up on my Speak-N-Spell screen ... or perhaps I just wanted to know how to spell it for another reason?! I asked my mom and she wouldn't tell me how to spell the word. Thank you for sharing this ... it made me realize that I may have been following Weird ever since I didn't know how to spell! ;)

  2. Oh Marci! Thanks so much for this memory. What a great discovery! Thanks for taking the time to write. It means the world. xo b