Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's That Simple! (Part Two)

Okay, so take your paw off that double chocolate peanut butter chunk with macadamia nuts cookie for a minute because here's the thing.

Yes, the ad said: EAT COOKIES, LOSE WEIGHT, IT'S THAT SIMPLE! But there's a catch.

Surprise, surprise!

Yesterday, I failed to mention that the EAT COOKIES, LOSE WEIGHT, IT'S THAT SIMPLE! plan, requires you to follow up each meal by emptying out a truck full of stones, or some other comparable activity. Here are a few fun suggestions:

dig in the dirt for two hours
move dirt in the wheel barrow across your yard. (this can be combined with the digging dirt project)
stack wood (again, two hours)
haul bricks & small boulders (one of my favorites!)

So, have a great day, dear readers. I'm off to whip up a batch of my special homemade oatmeal cookies with raisins and walnuts (and mini chocolate chips.) No need to worry.


And, I've got my shovel.

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