Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Inside Stuff

Staring out the window is a little like watching a movie. There's the outside stuff: squirrels, sunbeams, leaves, falling snow.

Then there's the inside stuff, a slide show of random images passing through the mind, click click click, on a Sunday morning while I'm curled up on the couch...

The December night Mom died ~

Square dancing with Jeffrey Wheeler in 5th grade ~

Eating three slices of pepperoni pizza like a she-wolf after 24 hours of laboring Jesse into the world ~

Warm hugs, soft kisses kind of thoughts about my husband, then out of the blue, a squealing sharp left turn. Suddenly I feel disconnected and out of sorts with him. Yank the wheel back to love ~

The complete soundtrack to the King and I ~

Such a busy busy mind for a quiet morning. Eventually after enough staring at squirrels and blowing leaves, the heart softens and the mind rests in the present moment, however briefly.

Chewy is a quick study. Two weeks of hanging out with me and he is so down with staring out the window. I haven't a clue what's running through his doggy head but it sure is comforting having another full-time daydreamer in the house.

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