Monday, November 15, 2010

A Really Good Thing

Elizabeth was a spotted dog for Halloween. Maybe that tipped us towards getting *Chewy. Hard to say. But I was up and out throwing tennis balls at 7:15 this morning in the sprinkling rain and cool fresh air. When the dog was running back to me, green ball in his mouth, tail wagging, I thought, this is a good thing.

Dogs get you up and moving. Babies do too. And other things like writing and walking. And work. Everyone has something that gets them up and moving. So, what gets you? A hot shower, a class full of kids, a saxophone, a cat, a calling? 

I've been reflecting lately on the timing of things, how they show up; a dog, a baby, a Dad, right when I seem to be on the verge of independence, whatever that means...a studio apartment with plant cuttings in jelly jars lined up on the window sill? My own bed? Traveling the world (without flying)?

Things to love keep showing up. This is a good thing. 

Before the bus stop, Claire and I walked Chewy for the third time. Walking and talking with my kid in the cool air is a good thing. 

The This Being Alive tribe definitely gets me up and moving. 

You're a really good thing too.

*Read Chewy 11/9/10


  1. What a joy to read. This Being Alive will be a regular stop on my reading cycle from now on.

  2. I have my own bed and jelly jars on the window. Sometimes I wonder when something to love will show up. Sometimes I wonder if it already has and I missed it yet again.

  3. Without sounding like a complete sap, it makes my heart sing to hear from readers. So, thanks very, very much. And, feel free to pass This Being Alive along to a friend. I'm shameless ever since I hit fifty!