Sunday, November 21, 2010

You Know The Kind

Team Sister (Jesse & Claire) did it again, running their second YMCA 5K. The morning was chilly and clear; perfect running weather. This is a post-race shot with Chewy squeezing in...

It was Chewy's first race, a major socialization experience, hanging on Main Street in a crowd of strangers on a Sunday morning. I'm happy to report he passed with flying colors, calmly sniffing shoes and butts and the occasional friendly hand as we walked him through the crowd. People murmured and smiled over his big ears, but Chewy didn't notice. He was way too busy sticking his nose into a number of dog crotches, tail a-wag-wag-wagging. 

When the church bells rang, precisely at nine, I felt washed in happiness. Something about standing on the curb of Main Street as the runners took off. The crowd cheering, cameras clicking, bells ringing. Shouting to my daughters as they ran by. GO! You can do it! The morning sun on my face, Chewy leaning into my leg. 

It was one of those pure moments. 

You know the kind.

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