Sunday, November 14, 2010

Without A Map

I've been thinking about writing and how every day I come back to it. Good days, bad days, no matter. Not just to This Being Alive, but other pieces that I'm working on as well. I write not knowing what the pieces are about, or where they're taking me. The stories tell themselves when I get out of the way. And the veil lifts more readily when I'm willing to jump in with both feet. This seems true for anything that I have a passion for...

Writing, yoga, parenting, marriage, love, ice cream...

This is the creative process; mysterious, spiraling, often shadowy. I'm dropping the doubt. Or shaking hands with it. Either way, I'm happy to report that after all these years of showing up, I'm finally allowing myself to enjoy the walk without a map. 

Of course, reading informs my writing. It connects the dots. This small piece is from Mom's *meditation book. Some days the words land right where I need them, a raindrop between the eyes. Perhaps these will land for you as well:

   Our inspiration to master any art, to attain any goal, to tackle any project comes from within - the center of all knowledge. All of us are gifted with knowledge. When the desire to pursue a particular avenue keeps presenting itself, we should pay heed, trusting that we will be shown the way to succeed. This desire is our invitation to develop our talents in ways that may be foreign to our conscious minds.
   The decision to trust the desire is only the first step in tackling a new project. What comes after is effort and daily recommitment to completion of the goals or project. It is much easier to switch goals or projects than to see them to their end, but it's in their doing that we develop our talents to the fullest.

*The Promise of a New Day

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