Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Family Portrait

On a day like today, Pearly and I would pull out our lounge chairs and slather on the baby oil. Oh yea. I'd have a bottle of beer plunged in the snow next to me, insta-cooler. Pearly usually drank diet something with something? 

Our tops came off so "the girls" (as everyone calls them these days), could get a breath of fresh air. If it was really sunny, it all came off. Except for a hat. I do love hats.

Yes, after a long winter in the village of Plainfield, Vermont, at a very groovy college called Goddard, a sunny day like today would bring all the lovelies and all the crazies on campus out into the light. We'd turn our faces to the sun and hold still, like we were posing for a family portrait.

ain't life grand?

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