Thursday, February 24, 2011

Eat What You Want

Dad and I drove up the mountain to see his family doctor, Dr. Alice McCormick. It's the kind of country office where they say, bring your new puppy in! (he'd come along for the ride) I brought Chewy into the small waiting room for a quick visit. He barked a couple of times just to let them know he was there. I encouraged Dr. Alice, Jean, and Joyce to just ignore him. Chewy stopped his barking, sniffed the rug and licked Dr. Alice's black clogs. But that was after, when we were getting ready to leave. 

Earlier, Dr. Alice said, "Well, you are doing really well. You look great, Ellsworth! But you're still on the thin side. What are you eating these days?"
"Eggs and toast, soups, organic turkey, apples, peanut butter, bananas, kale!" Dad said, "And when my son-in-law cooks, oh my! That's good."
"You're coming up on a birthday this summer," she said, looking at his chart. (His 85th.)
"Coming up on it," Dad said, smiling.
"That means you can pretty much eat what you want," Dr. Alice said.


  1. I'd like to hug Ellsworth through this comment patch, and wish him a very happy 85th year. My memories of our times together are too few and magical at the same time. And, being here in Big Pine Key, FL, was one of those especially great times. You were there too Betz! The last time we, Ellsworth and I, saw each other was in the Pocono's safe house; is family compound where I always felt safe. This was approximately 11 years ago. We, Allison and I, were conferring about his presiding over our hopeful wedding. The bad news is that the wedding never happened. The good news is that we're still together. I cherish Ellsworth Jackson and the flock that he brought into this world. We had some rollicking time I'd say. And, they, the flock, all turned out pretty good, Feel the love as I do, and I'm sure that you do too. Thanks for the amazing memories.

  2. Happy Birthday Ellsworth,You Rock!
    Phil Dumaresq

  3. Hey there!
    What a gift to hear from you guys! It's so wonderful to connect with tribal members...And thanks for your story, Brian.
    Hail to Big Pine Key, oh my!
    Dad's 85th is on July 5th, where we will gather on the mountain, swim in the spring-fed pond, play croquet... We may have to make it one rollicking reunion!

    Thanks for checking in on This Being Alive!

    xo bets