Monday, February 28, 2011

At Our Fingertips

Being alive is our invitation to act in fresh, inventive ways. All it takes is concentrating on our inner vision in combination with external reality. The components for accomplishing any task are at our fingertips, awaiting discovery.

Our burdens are lightened when we understand that all situations are resolvable - no mystery need leave us in the dark for long. Just as surely as we each exist, so exists every element we need to solve any problem or chart any new course. 

- from *Mom's Meditation Book

Does this mean that recruiting a family member to walk the dog in the pouring rain this morning was as close as my fingertips

And no, I am not giving Chewy the finger. Pinky promise...

*The Promise of a New Day


  1. it's all as close as our fingertips really!

  2. you are so right!
    now, to simply remember...

  3. I believe the answer for me is as "close as my fingertip" in this time of transition. (My school closed and I'm out of work.) However, it still eludes me. Maybe I need new glasses. Or maybe I don't want to see.