Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Away From The Pack

This bird is from last summer; beach towels on the line, sunshine. The good old days when Owen was free to sleep on the back porch and watch the birds stroll by. Owen did that all the time BC.

Before Chewy, the big-eared dog. 

Anyway, today is a wet, green day. I was having tea with Neeny when the lone turkey appeared in the yard. When I ran to get my camera, the bird retreated to the tangle of green forsythia. No shot.

My turkey peeps tend to travel in a crowd, pecking their way under the pines out my writing window, meandering across the yard. However lately, I've spotted a few loners. I've been wondering what's up with this loner thing until Claire cleared it up while we were driving to her after-school track program.

"Look, there's another turkey all by itself," I said.
"Well, maybe it just needed to get away from the pack," she said," maybe it's having a spiritual breakthrough and just needed some time alone."

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  1. What kind of dog is this? i love it. can you email me at hannah-p-k-d@hotmail.com to find out