Monday, May 23, 2011

My Own Advice

Tell me, Betsy, are you always able to follow your own advice? I am envious if you do... =']

laurel asked.

Great question!! Answer: big fat no

every day I wrestle with doubt, worry, envy, confusion, fear, frustration, anger, grief, shame, loss ... 

did I mention worry?

a long looping list of tangly emotions.

I believe we teach what we most need to learn. 

I aspire to...

rope in my restlessness
practice patience
get out of my own way
unpeel my dream,step inside, and live it
trust that being is sufficient
forgive myself
forget the rules and follow my heart
open and soften
swim more rivers
let go 
practice self-care
laugh more
know that I'm enough
practice not knowing much of anything...

trust unflinching in my artist's life.