Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Unfurling is easier than we make it.

Or should I say I make it.

Find the ease and joy in unfurling.


  1. Oooo....'ease'...I love those who make it look so easy, but there's such risk in unfurling that I've never managed to look like more than a seizing porcupine...almost open, closed, almost open...dangerously exposed...closed and quills up. I'm so glad you are finding/have found the 'joy' in unfurling!!

  2. For the fern, it is effortless. Each day I notice it has opened up a bit more. No crazy monkey/worry mind keeps it from opening. I myself, do the dance of opening, then closing...yes, seizing up, which is why, despite all the yoga I do, my neck and shoulders are often in a spastic state.

    Allowing ease, like a good deep breath, is the way. Right there for the taking. I will practice today. You too, Polly Porcupine...