Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Offer No Resistance

To offer no resistance to life 
is to be in a state of grace, 
ease, and lightness.

-Echart Tolle

There's much I could write about resistance. I've twisted myself into tight, hard knots perfecting my resistance practice. This is an extremely painful way to live. 

Sleep helps. 
Any kind of therapy. 
Yoga, most definitely. 
Talking to a friend, reading, walking, bed. 

Lately I've been watching the wrestling I do with my resistance. I imagine holding back a very large falling-down brick wall, or a tsunami wave, or taking on one of those freaky wrestlers in blue tights and long blonde hair, falsely believing that if I would only push back a little more or squeeze tighter, or sink my teeth into its arm... I will win.

I never win. 

I just feel worse, more confused, exhausted, sore.

To offer no resistance seems impossible. 

And, dare I say, completely dangerous for a girl who has made an art out of fight or flight. So, I've been experimenting. 

Using my kindest voice, I say to myself...

It's okay. 
Try it.
Let go. 
A little more. 
You didn't die.
Doesn't that feel better?

The tiniest shift happens. It may be subtle,  

but... I feel lighter. 

Note: it's not a thought thing. It's a faith thing.

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