Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Without The Fence

Friday was the end of the month reward for the sixth graders at Claire's school. I think that's what she called it. The idea is, you behaved yourselves so we're giving you a break. 

"So, this is weird, Mom," she said.
"What's that, Claire?"
"For the end of the month reward, they took us out to the soccer field with five hula hoops and a couple of balls. I'm not sure what they expected us to do with them. I mean, there were a hundred of us. The teachers were off to the side, talking. We really didn't know what to do so we ended up walking around in a circle, you know how you see prisoners at the jail? How they walk around, two by two? It felt kinda like that, just without the fence and barbed wire."
"Then we sat on the bleachers."
"Well, at least you got to be outside in the air."

It was the first time they'd been outside in a month.

"Still, it was a weird reward,"Claire said.

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