Saturday, December 21, 2013

This Is Bullshit + Other Random Tales

December 21. 2013

A few thoughts on this solstice day ~


Have you ever gotten toothpaste in your eye?

It really stings. 


At a holiday cookie exchange there was talk about older parents and people's last words. One woman said her father had a pretty good one upon reading about the death of his baby sister in the obituaries. He read the obit, then said...

this is bullshit. 

The next day he curled up to sleep and died. 

Another final blurt by someone was...

i need sugar! true story

...more on that one later.


I made Mom this little pack of pear cards. When she died I took them and have carried them around with me ever since. Today I sat quietly, everyone was out! and asked -

Any thoughts for today, Mom? 

After shuffling my pears, this came up.

Mom's last words to me - i love you madly 

xo b


  1. lovely. Did your Mom die on 12/19 too, or am I mis-remembering?
    Hugs from Rachel Val

  2. Thanks for stopping by! \
    My mom died on December 19, 2001.