Monday, June 21, 2010

The Bucket Game

My brothers and I use to play a game in the backyard of our house in Delaware. It was a summer game with very easy rules to follow. They go like this:

1. Fill *four buckets with cold water from the hose.
2. Place buckets around the yard, possibly in a diamond formation.
3. Strip down to your underwear.
4. Each person stands by a bucket of water.
5. Someone shouts switch or go
6. Run to a bucket and dip your bottom in the water.
7. Repeat # 4- 6 until you drop in the grass; happy and cooled off.

There are no age restrictions for this game. And as I recall from those long ago summer days, underwear was optional. You may want to try The Bucket Game as a new Solstice ritual, or bring some buckets to your Fourth of July picnic and feel the family out. It's really not hard to get the hang of it once you play it a couple of times.

* Depending on number of players, you might want more buckets. But sharing works.


  1. Happy Summer Solstice from a reader in Italy!

  2. Thanks for the note.
    We had a beautiful Summer Solstice in PA.
    It must've been divine in Italy...