Thursday, June 30, 2011


Steep thyself in a bowl of Summertime!  

- Virgil

This Being Alive is going up to the old farm to pitch our tent, swim in the pond, pick blueberries, sit around the bonfire, and celebrate Dad's 85th birthday with... 

Sunny's Sunday Sundae Social (Jesse's brilliant idea!)
1 pm. Sunday under the pear tree
BYOT (bring your own topping!)

We're going to steep ourselves in summertime.

I will be un-plugged until Tuesday, July 5th!

That said, I've been doing my usual mulling about all kinds of things, so come back for more conversation after the fireworks have sizzled out. 

Go gently. Be safe.

peace and blessings!

xo b


  1. Mulling and steeping! What about macerating and muddling, or brining and pickling? Silly me....enjoy this wonderful weekend!

  2. Those all sound like a possibility...I'm good at muddling but really like the visual of brining. Not silly at all! Thanks for stopping by and giving me some new ideas!!!

    enjoy it all.

  3. ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL TO SEE YOU!! Even more radiant in person than in words :)

  4. I love the idea of Sundaes under the pear tree!
    My childhood tree was a plum tree, but the moments spent under it "talking" and "not always talking" with my dad are precious memories! I hope your unplugged time was peaceful.