Monday, March 12, 2012

At Least As Interesting And Miraculous

It's Monday.

I haven't shown up here since Thursday when the baboons were running wild in my head.

I've quieted them, fed them, what do baboons eat?, and since the university is on break and I don't have the means (presently) to fly to France, I took an alternative trip to the Garden State...

New Jersey does not = Paris 

but Paris doesn't have Pearly, dear friend. 

We talk. 
And walk near the pond with the geese.
Tomorrow, the ocean. yes.

I did some yoga and writing with Kobe, the cat.

Two friends called not knowing I was away.
One left a message about locking herself in a bedroom on Sunday because she wasn't fit to be around her family. 
"If I had an uzi," she said.

She feared for their lives. not really, but kinda.

The other one talked about seeing her son jump from a chair and it was a snapshot in her mind, a moment, and then she felt sad because everything changes and we grow up and old, then die. 

I am happy to be away from home 
and find myself really missing my family.

"It's that duality," said my friend with the snapshot moment.

I am sitting on my yoga mat, writing this to you. 
Thinking, this is a ramble and how come you don't do a daily post anymore? What happened? Maybe you're losing readers. You've lost your momentum. 

As if this whole being alive thing is a treadmill that we must keep moving on, if you lose your step or stop paying attention the belt will throw your ass off, maybe you'll hit the wall, crazy, right?

I open the book, Wherever You Go There You Are  
                                    to a random page
                                         and read...


Thinking that your life
is at least as interesting 
and miraculous as the moon or the stars.


  1. Betsy,

    I really like the title of that book, you mentioned in this post: Wherever you go, there you are.

    It's funny, because, at work today I thought: "Am I here?" Are you somewhere if you're bored?

    I like thinking about that.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your time away!

    Much love, annie

  2. Thanks for stopping by,,,It's an excellent book to pull off the shelf and just open up to read. Always a worthy gem. And it's so true. I always think, "If I just move to a new town or..." then I'll be better, feel better, complete happiness will shower down upon me at all times.

    And yes, you are somewhere if you're bored. Right here. In the bored moment?

    Be the watcher, as Eckhart says...and enjoy the show!

    xo b

  3. so glad to hear from you, green mountain girl! xo