Friday, March 16, 2012

The White Picket Fence

Yesterday I:

was a shark moving through the house

Today I:

1. didn't move a muscle, kept my eyes closed and practiced breathing until 9:30? 

A voice said,

you don't have work today. don't move. be still. do nothing.

2. made tea and got back in bed without...

a. sweeping
b. sponging the counter
c. straightening up my piles of bills and papers on the counter

I did:

take Chewy out for a pee
feed Owen
make tea and toast with a 1/2 banana
check emails
felt guilt over not getting up for Claire.
She had asked me to take her to the bus.
Thankfully, Michael covered bus duty.
And Claire, she'll forgive me. Or not.

Today's meditation is about positive energy.

It's so easy to look around and notice what's wrong. 
(I'm skilled at this.)
It takes practice to see what's right.
Negative thinking empowers the problem. 
It takes us out of harmony.
Negative energy sabotages and destroys.
It has a powerful life of its own.

So does positive energy. Each day, we can ask what's right, 
what's good about other people, our life, our work, our day, our relationships, ourselves, our conduct. Positive energy heals, conducts love, transforms.

I can get the negative thing going. 
It makes the air thick in the house.
It rises up out of fear.  
Somedays, my fear runs really deep.

Today I surrender. 

I don't know exactly what that means but I'm tired trying to 

live the other way, finger in the dike...
Which reminds me of the quote I have about letting go...

Letting go doesn't need to be developed. 
It just needs to be done. 

The same goes for forgiveness and surrender. 
A tough concept for the girl from Queens... 
who is really young Queenie from Wilmington, Delaware
with the white picket fence (true) 
and red brick house with black shutters. 

Safe Queenie.


  1. Good words Bets!

    Yes, think positive... think positive... think positive... so simple... and yet... so needed...

    Thank you.


  2. Oh, it's so true. So much good surrounds us, but why do we keep ourselves from floating upwards on the buoyancy of such joy? Be still and levitate in the positivity!