Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Clear and Simple Sign

Mr. Red, was on a branch next to the old farmhouse. 
I heard the banging as I lay cloud-gazing.

Big clouds, tiny bangs.

bang bang bang or maybe click clock click

It was loud enough and persistent enough to pull me out of my reverie on the grass and turn around. 
I watched Mr. Red jump off the branch towards the windowpane, bang his head, or little beak, and return to the branch.

bang bang click clock pause 
bang bang click clock pause

Red did this a few more times

hopping, LEAPING
hitting the glass
returning to branch

shaking it off
leaping again

until I said Hey,stop doing that. 

You're hurting yourself, really.

I've never been a head-banger, musically-speakingbut am quite intimate with the proverbial wall...

At the sound of my voice, Mr. Red flew off to a lovely open branch across the dirt road, away from the beak-banging pane. Or pain?

A clear and simple sign. 

Thanks, Red.

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