Friday, March 30, 2012

Yellow Peppers = Black Bears

Whenever I see Arnold, I say...

Beautiful day! 

He always, without fail, replies...

Every day is beautiful.

Some days I want to refute this claim IT IS NOT BEAUTIFUL don't you see what's going on in the world the whole thing's a bloody madhouse but if you stop thinking and just drop down into that sweet heart of yours, 


every day is beautiful.

A week ago we went to a memorial service 
for our fallen friend, Catherine, light in the world. 

My brothers came in from points 
A = Connecticut
B = New York
C = Massachusetts
Dad was with us too.

We drove to a tiny church in the woods and ate a lot of different desserts 
crumb cake
german chocolate cake
corn bread
more cookies
some other thing I wrapped in a napkin and stuffed in my purse

and chatted with people we didn't know like the woman who kept smiling at me until finally ~ 

"You have a very lovely smile," I said.
"Do I know you?" she asked, smiling.

Back at the motel where the Massachusetts brother and his family were staying we pretty much laughed ourselves silly. 

Drank wine that brother, Pete, had brought from his "wine cellar"

And played with the monkeys in the lounge area. 

Nourishing [and very funny]
is the word that keeps rolling off my tongue when I think about our time together.

On the drive home we saw a mama bear and her triplet cubs crossing the road in front of us.

yellow peppers = black bears

Sealing in the day's beautiful-ness.

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