Sunday, April 1, 2012

Come Out Of My Shell

April 1 snuck up on me while I've been daydreaming about the 30 days of April...

what could I do for 30 days? how about you?
what could I commit to?
what would bring me more joy and less worry?

I started a list like I always do...

- post every day on This Being Alive 

a word 
guest post? interested? drop me a note. 

- do one push-up, then two, then three 

and then 30 push-ups on April 30th?
- send out 30 pieces of writing
- meet 30 new people
- write 30 postcards 
to a different person each day
or the same person each day?

Today I went on an artist date with a friend to Centenary College in New Jersey to see the 

Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company.

My heart was pounding by the end. in a really good way

This heart-pounding thing has broken me open, 

in a really good way.

So, I may drop the list, or not.

But I like the idea of 30 days. it's an easy number

I know I want to do this: 

To give myself permission to feel fully alive 
 no matter what
embrace the artist dancer writer painter playwright
who lives in me
try new things
take a risk
speak up
ease up
shake my blue-jangled butt 
from my birthday belly dancing class last September
make a ruckus of some sort or the other


come out of my shell
join me.


  1. love it, bets, especially the part about embracing the artist writer painter playwright dancer, and living life fully... hear, hear!!!

  2. "Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing,
    there is a field. I'll meet you there." :)

  3. i'll meet you there too!! yahoo!

    thanks for stopping by and saying hey!