Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Moon Always Take The Blame

Michael sent this to photo to me when he was in San Diego a few weeks ago.

He called it: 

Sunset With Birds.

He sent one without birds too which he called:

Sunset Without Birds

Birds, no birds, I could go for a little salt air and sand between my toes.

Not that it's not all springy and daffodil-ish here in Pennsylvania. It is. Very daffodil-ish.

As I write this the sun is streaming, yes streaming, through my big-eared dog smudged windows... all smudges at windowsill height, which I'm noticing while lapping up a bowl of Tin Roof Sundae ice cream (with banana), a pre-dinner thing, a suspiciously banana split thing, after coming home and telling myself very directly, 

Do not eat any ice cream!!

Last night I ate the ice cream and then went back for seconds after I had one of those great crying jags that just burst out of me, I couldn't hold it any longer. You know the kind where you have to go into the bathroom to really let yourself sob. Michael, my husband, is very kind when this sweeps over me, tip-toeing gently around, waiting patiently me for me to come out so we can go for a walk. I put my sunglasses on; my eyes blow up when I cry.

I could blame the ice cream-crying thing on the 

moon waxing full 

but the moon always take the blame...

maybe it was the sighting of the dental-flossing woman on my short drive home from work. She was leaning into her steering wheel, head tilted, looking in her rearview mirror, flossing. 

Can I blame the ice cream thing on flossing?

Anyway, flossing while driving bugs me almost as much as people who text while driving but at least she was looking at the road... 


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