Tuesday, April 17, 2012

You Know How That Is?

You know how you can be doing something, like throwing the ball for your dog, but your mind is busy thinking about the meeting at nine o'clock, or how you really should sweep before you leave the house, or there's a flash of your old Dad waking up in the place where he lives and you wonder what he's thinking about, or how your daughter's morning is going with her daughter, then there's the other daughter, last seen getting on the yellow school bus, the beast, as I tend to think of it, swallowing my kid, and finally the husband who so gently nuzzled my neck while I was stirring the oatmeal

and all this chitta mind = monkey mind is happening 

when you hear a voice over your shoulder say, 

but nobody's there?

look up.

and you do, look up, and feel such a joy?

you know how that is?

look up today.


  1. love this one. exactly why i need you in my head, such small acts, such great effects.

  2. hello kt!

    so glad to hear from you.
    yes, small acts, such great effects.

    thanks for that reflection.