Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On Boldness

On Boldness 

...from members of This Being Alive

+ Penny's beautiful bold white tulips...

What I mean by bold is …
Admitting I am not Superwoman.
Accepting help when it’s offered and 
asking for help when it’s needed.
- Anonymous sweet anonymous, who are  you? xo
What I mean by bold is...
Take better care of myself mentally and physically. 

Let go of the pain and worry. Get out and move.
- Anonymous and you? xo
What I mean by bold is...
Not hiding my illness,
Acknowledging that I'm lucky to be alive, and
Encouraging everyone to go get a mammogram!
-Amy   you're in our thoughts and prayers!!

Working on white tulips. Think they’re bold. 

thanks for asking for help
and not hiding
and hanging up superwoman's cape
and for reminding us we're all lucky to be alive
and for white tulips, yahoo!!! 

keep your stories
tales of being alive
and other musings coming...

xo b

find more bold tulips etc @ www.pennyrosspainter.com

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