Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Nub Of The Matter

I've had the pleasure of writing in community this week...

On Monday night with seven women where I teach yoga. Last night was at the local library with a diverse group of writers; some published, some who want to write but don't think they have anything to say, some just showed up after seeing the poster by the front desk and wanted to try it.

One woman said, "I'm here because I'm Polish."
We had a good chuckle and welcomed her.

"My English is not so good and..." 
Her teen daughter was not looking particularly happy. 

Maybe there were 25 of us?

One woman asked, "Is this a writing workshop?" 
"I believe it said WRITER'S WORKSHOP in big type on the poster, right?"

Clearly, some show up not knowing what to expect. 

I'm happy they have the courage to come.

On Monday, a woman asked, 

"Is this that kind of soul-searching writing?"

My normal response might've been to convince her to come and see how incredible it can be, maybe discover something about herself or her life. 

Come, join us for the treasure hunt!

All I said was "I don't know. Could be."

She didn't join us.

This short piece see below is from a woman in the Monday night group. She was kind enough to share it with me even though she couldn't understand why I wanted it. 

I felt it went to

the nub of the matter.

We are afraid of our own hearts.


When I think of writing I feel I am tortured. I'd rather draw a picture. I like to talk - but putting words down is not my thing. I can write little messages on Facebook - 

but that's IT!

I also don't want to put in writing what's really in my heart - 

too painful.

So, here's a doodle. [imagine doodle of flowers]

I like flowers - they make me happy! I especially smile when I see daisies and sunflowers. I'm trying to be happy - It takes a great effort - It's hard work.

I like to knit! It's easier than writing.

thanks for letting me share this...

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