Monday, April 2, 2012

Blue + Pear

= be bold

Okay, so get out your notebook
or the back of a bank deposit slip
or an envelope

and write

what i mean by be bold is...and see where your pen takes you.

no editing while writing. just write. and breathe.

share your boldness in the comments. 
pretty please?
then i'll post them.
we'll call it community boldness.

xo b


  1. What I mean by bold is …
    Admitting I am not Superwoman.
    Accepting help when it’s offered and asking for help when it’s needed.

  2. What I mean by bold is..

    Take better care of myself mentally and physically. Let go of the pain and worry. Get out and move.

  3. What I mean by bold is -
    Not hiding my illness,
    Acknowledging that I'm lucky to be alive, and
    Encouraging everyone to go get a mammogram!