Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Freundliche Gruesse

I was steeping a cup of Blues Away Yogi tea and remembered the game Viktoria showed me during her visit last week, remember when it was practically snowing? We drank pots of tea and sat in front of the fire for two days straight.

She said,"Think of something about your day, like my day will be full of adventure or I will have no worries today and then read the message on the tea bag and see what it makes you think, or feel."

I know I'm not explaining it right. And for someone who drinks a lot of tea, I never even knew there were messages that came with the bags. I'd completely forgotten about any of it until I was sipping my tea and heard Viktoria's soft lilting voice in my head saying, read the message.

So I turned the tiny white piece of paper over in my hand and read:

Unite with your own higher self and create a friendship

Viktoria is traveling home tomorrow to visit her parents in Wiesbaden, Germany; a storybook town with a village green and streets of old homes. A place I've never been, but hope to visit someday with Viktoria as my tour guide.

Safe travels to you, Viktoria, & thanks for the whisper to stay open to the messages.

*Freundliche Gruesse!

(* friendly greetings in German)

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  1. Viktoria, Ich schicke dir auch freundliche Gruesse! Ich bin eine Freundin von Betsy, und ich arbeite bei einer Schule als Deutschlehrerin -- Ich lehre die Anfaenger. Ich wunsche dass wir die Gelegenheit um kennenzulernen haetten, wenn Sie in Pennsylvania waren. Ich habe viel gutes ueber Ihren Besuch gehoert. :)