Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wonderful Chance

To get this chance [to practice the Dharma]is very difficult. To be born as a human being is very difficult. Among uncountable sperms and eggs...YOU ARE HERE. Wonderful chance. Congratulations!

- Soen Nakagawa

Here's to May 8th, an auspicious day; it is the birthday of three of my favorite people on the planet: Nan, my mother's dear friend of many years, and Lisa & Robin, twin sisters/both of them college roomates of mine (not at the same time!), treasured friends for over thirty years! What a gift.

May 8th was also the day my parents married. The marriage ended when I was a teenager, but thanks to a chance meeting at a party in Edinburgh, Scotland over fifty years ago we have a thriving family tree today with their great-grandaughter, Elizabeth Mary, keeping us on our knees, digging for fat worms.

I am counting my blessings on this blustery May day in Pennsylvania...

Wonderful chance, indeed!

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