Sunday, May 16, 2010

Team Sister

This morning, Jess and Claire, ran their second 5K together, in the annual Run for the Red, a race which benefits the American Red Cross. Team Sister as we like to call them, beat their own race times from last November's YMCA 5K. (see photo). I'm posting last year's photo because the two cameras that we brought to this morning's race had dead batteries.

Classic, right?

Like any good Mom, I wept when I spotted the two of them rounding the track and coming down the home stretch. My two girls, eighteen years apart, crossed the finish line, two seconds apart.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS to Jess & Claire!

  2. .....and i cried thinking of you crying! i, almost a proud momma of both of those girls, am constantly amazed by them, you, and this crazy, wonderful life!

  3. My best camera snafu: forgot to put film in the camera for the birth of our first child - in Germany no less. Snapping and snapping those priceless shots in the hospital, coming home...."it must be a roll of 36 exposures"
    HA. Luckily, friends had a Polaroid, so the grandparents still got some shots of little Joey. And we haven't made that mistake again.
    Congrats to the gals. Proud moments, for sure.