Thursday, August 18, 2011

Go To Your Belly

Go to your belly...

When facing a decision today, be it small or large, pause first to pay attention to what you feel in your belly. This "second brain" will never lead you astray.

- from A Year of Living Your Yoga

My second brain is saying, take a few days off.

This Being Alive will be back on Tuesday.

Take care. 

And when in doubt, go to your belly.

xo b


  1. Go girl, I can't wait to see you then. Hopefully we'll both be ready to take it all up again by then. Sending you oceans of love Bets!!! (in the mean time, i'll have time to catch up on all your blogs since i've been gone. i can't wait!)

  2. HI there!
    Thanks for stopping by. Oceans right back to you!
    Trusting you are on the mend!

    ps. I shall return!