Monday, August 29, 2011

A Life Of My Own

After all these years, I still get the itch, 
right about now, to set up my classroom. 
It can't be helped; it's in my fat cells.

The urge to staple red and orange leaves to the bulletin board, sharpen a fistful of #2 pencils, 
prop up big bear by the bookcase, 
fill the crayon bin to the brim, 
lay out journals for emerging writers ~
is still alive.

Some of my dearest friends were second graders. 

During my most recent excavation of papers, I found a newsletter from 1995 that our class put together.

We called it:

MARCH 1995

The theme for Vol. III was When I Grow Up.

This piece is from Anna, a yellow-haired, bright-faced girl from a large Russian family.

When I Grow Up

When I grow up I will travel to China and Russia. They are my favorite places in the world. The second thing I want to do is have a husband and kids. The third is to have a house that is blue and has yellow doors, windows, and has a lot of furniture. Like pink couches and gray walls. I would like to have a life of my own.

By Anna Sinistsky

Here's to Anna, pink couches and a life of her own...

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