Monday, August 8, 2011

No Essay

It's Monday morning. 

The cicadas are singing. 

A flock of turkeys with babies wandered by.

Turkeys are always a good sign. 

Bless the wild turkeys.

I left This Being Alive on Friday holding a list of *questions in my hand. Thankfully, I haven't returned with a five-paragraph essay on the meaning of life and commitment. 

I didn't ponder. 
I canoed with Jesse and Elizabeth in search of turtles. 
Taught yoga. 
Called a friend. 
Enjoyed a cold beer. 
Skyped with Michael and Claire in California. 
Deep missing after we "rung off."
Stayed up late.
Left the hall light on all night.

No essay.

Rather, like the cicadas, this steady hum inside me.

It's been said a thousand ways...

You believe this must be hard, but it's not.
Do your work.
The next step/door is right in front of you.
Take it/ walk through it.
The next will appear.
Stay steady with yourself, your energy and intention.
It will be easier this way. -

It is easy.

Don't push. Or fret.
Let go and let God.( or *Ethel?)
No need to work it.

simple practice
simple practice
simple practice
simple practice.

Do one thing: enjoy it.
Do another thing: enjoy it.


* Read "All Sorts Of Things" - August 5. 2011
            "Call It What You Will" - March 29. 2010

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