Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Screw Perfection

Yesterday's non-essay comforted me. 

Writing it, I relaxed. My scrunched shoulders drop. 

That old LET GO, LET GOD thing really works.

yes. yes. yes, I thought.

simple practice 
simple practice
simple practice


That is really good stuff. I stand by it.

But there's one more thing. You already know this.

It (you, your life, relationships) will still feel messy.

Occasionally tangled, utterly unclear.

There is no magic pill.

Last night I got the big tap on the shoulder -

Pssst, Betsy. You'll never do it perfectly. 

So, give yourself a break if ~ 

you're not the steady-practicing-non-judgemental-trusting-your-path-unflinching-love-in-your-heart person you aspire to be. Or you ate the chips, or stayed up too late, or don't quite know how to build the bridge back to a friend. Or can't get over missing your mother and know you will never have linen closets that touch the sheer order and perfection of hers. Fuggedaboutit.

Screw perfection. It's a distraction to living.
Do your work anyway.
Relax anyway.
Let go into ease anyway.
Trust anyway.
Enjoy the mess anyway.
Practice anyway.

LOVE anyway.

I'll never do it perfectly.

I'm doing it anyway.


  1. Great words Bets!!!

    The Best Part:


    Ha! I laughed out loud, what's better than that?! Especially that it took me a moment to decipher.

    You rock!

  2. Kinda fun to say, right?


    Thanks for reading and checking in.

    xo b

  3. Thanks for the reminder. I forget way too often.