Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Not Quite Home Yet

I slipped away over the weekend to get Claire, my traveling daughter, who's been to one end of the country... LA/San Diego for two and 1/2 weeks- home for one day, then promptly out to the very tip of Long Island - Montauk - by way of the Hampton Jitney bus, (86th St. between Lex and 3rd Ave.) for ten days of camping in an old army tent...(sun, ocean, flooding rains), finally to be retrieved at my brother's place near the coast of Connecticut.

It was great to see my kid again. 

"Wow, I really missed you," I said, squeezing her close.

I really missed her.

"I missed you too, Mom,"she said, squeezing right back.

Then,"and it's nice to visit new places,"she said.

I get that. 

Visiting new places. 

Send me off with my backpack on an adventure ~ 

...with a hug, a kiss, a prayer, a few bucks.

But my timing's off.

This morning had that autumnal chill in the air. 
School letters arrived. 
We school-shopped. 
Next week, Claire starts middle school. 

My adventure was barely two days. I wanted more.

So,I'm not quite home yet.

I'm still by the water, toes buried in sand, face to the sun, my arms slicing through salt water, strong legs moving me through waves. 

I'm hearing sea gulls and watching 

the old woman in her purple suit and bathing cap, 

mouth open, fish-like, doing the side stroke.

Today Claire said, "I like where we live."

"Why?" I asked, daydreaming of 

battered wood pilings
green, grassy salty marsh 
smooth stones

She listed things she likes about where we live... 

our home
living near Sissy (Jesse) 
the non-trashy parts
the awesome Delaware River

"Living near Sissy is a good thing," I said.
"Yup,"Claire said.
"But I still want to live by the sea, Claire."
"That would be nice too," she said.


  1. Living near Sissy is a GOOD THING. And yes, she does rock.