Friday, December 3, 2010

Fly Your Freak Flag! Please?

The debate in Washington over the fate of our gay and lesbian armed service members has got me damn near foaming at the mouth. Don't ask, don't tell? If I could get John McCain (and a few of those other Republican white guys) in a room alone, I'd give them a piece of my mind and a smack to the side of the head. For crying out loud, some gay soldier probably saved his life while he was in the service. But who cares? Wouldn't you love to know what some of these politicians have stashed in their closets? I would.

Get over it, Senator.

That we are wasting one minute of our nation's time on this discussion with so many pressing things on our plate is utterly shameful and embarrassing. But this is our history; blacks, women, people with disabilities. Our gay family members  and friends are now the low ones on the pecking order. Love who you want, but don't tell me about it, okay? Especially if you're fighting in one of the two wars we've got going. Keep it to yourself or we'll have to kick you out.

Did I say this was shameful and embarrassing?

Enough already. 
Write letters. 
Make phone calls. 
Hug your straight husband 
gay wife 
bisexual cousin
celibate uncle 
happy-to-sniff-anyone's-butt dog...

Put on your cape. And your heart-shaped glasses.

Fly your freak flag!


(photo of Claire in one of her many fab freak flag outfits. circa 2004?)

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