Thursday, December 30, 2010

Softer, Mossier Side

Often when I begin something new, I find myself swinging between self-confidence and self-doubt. 

It's a tiring dance, this hop-skipping across a rushing stream (or river), and then back again. Back and forth.

I start with a sturdy confidence, a vision, a sense of knowing. But for some reason I don't stay. Something pulls me to the gnawing doubt side until that becomes so uncomfortable, I leap back to the confident, softer mossier side and hang there for a while.

Why don't I just stay on the soft, green moss side?

Things to think about as we head into the New Year...


  1. here's a thought my friend...found a lot of wisdom in her words:

  2. Thanks for checking in! And yes, I love all the TED talks...Brene Brown was wonderful. Perfect timing. xo b

  3. don't you like looking back at the soft moss, knowing it was YOU who made the big LEAP? And what a leap it was.