Thursday, December 23, 2010

Living With Plato

I woke this morning feeling like I'd caught Claire's stomach bug or been sucker punched by low-grade depression. Both? I had a brief cry on Michael's lap at the kitchen table. Then, he went to the office. 

Later, I wrote him an email apologizing for my sudden waterworks. Not sure what I was sorry for, crying?... but that's fodder for another day. I got this email back. Still feeling queasy, but my heart is much lighter. Living with Plato is a huge blessing during these dark days of winter...

Think of it this way; we are current on our bills; we have work; we are in good health; we have a warm, clean house; and food.

We have wonderful, loving daughters and we love each other; we have our health; we have a good dog; cool siblings; and we each have at least one parent still alive.

Thinking this way, it would seem our cup runneth over.

But we want more out of life. That's great, but the wanting more should not hide from us what it is we have.

- Plato

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  1. how were you so lucky to find and marry your guardian angel (who is amazingly eloquent at that)?? i also love the picture for today, where did you take it?