Monday, November 28, 2011

It Might Just Be

Chewy woke us up with a crazy round of barking. He was carrying on so bad I got up to look out the window for deer, dogs, or people but saw none of the above. 

I couldn't tell what he was barking at...

until I took him out for a walk. The closer we got to this old leaf bag and rake, the more he dug his heels in.

The look in his eyes said, this thing is dangerous...

which got me to thinking how often my perceptions are screwy. Sometimes I think with all my heart that one thing is going on, when that thing isn't happening at all.

I am truly gifted at conjuring up the scariest, saddest, most heart-wrenching stuff you could imagine. you don't want to know

I could lead workshops on 

           how to scare the shit out of yourself. 

But this is not a good use of my time and talent.

Scaring myself
over imaginary things 
is stupid. 

And just a little exhausting.

Besides, it doesn't pay all that well.

unless it's a blockbuster movie about
vampires and wolves
and a girl having to choose

which begs the question,

Why Haven't I Written A Really Scary Screenplay

so I could be writing to you from Tuscany?

Anyway, Chewy got me thinking:

The Boogey Man 
might just be 
a bag of leaves and a rake. 


  1. ha - love it. We have one of those easily spooked dogs too.

  2. Just so funny. Smile is on my face, Bets. Love you.

  3. Always happy to hear from you! xo b

  4. My friends and I have deemed this thought process..."catastrophizing". We seem to be very good at it and though we blame motherhood and try to talk ourselves out of it still creeps in from time to time. Thanks for the reminder and know you can join our club anytime! ;)